Life as I know it!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Does this look like spring?!

On Wed., we took the kids sledding at the park after a failed attempt of a hill in our own backyard. We had a really good time. Clinton had never been sledding before.

Almost time to go back to reality

Only one more day of my "break". I think that I've had the most productive week ever! Which has felt very good but I was losing steam by Thurs. noon. I didn't get everything done that I had wanted but I did get a lot more spring cleaning done than I really thought I would. I went through every room but the family room throwing stuff away and finding outgrown clothes. I didn't get a book read but I did watch 3 movies. I'm not a big movie person so that's quite an accomplishment. I didn't try any new recipes and my cookies were a flop. :) I found some bargains - the bathroom accessories $11 for both (orig. $40), all new washcloths, shower curtain, picture that needs to be hanged, basket for backpacks... I found the framed photo again. That's Christian 5 years ago when we went to Hilton Head while visiting Clinton during his Army training in Georgia. I need to add more to the shelf just don't know what what.

I'm very happy with the linen closet. We had a pantry cabinet in there before and you could hardly walk in there to find anything. That big box is full of toys that are "hidden" for now. Of course, the kids discovered the train set and it's laid out in the playroom again. And now I can see my dresser in my closet! I know the furniture is hideous! That's our poor newlyweds furniture that will be the first thing replaced in our next home! :)

Here's some more pictures:

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Officially a Warrant Officer Candidate!!

After a frustrating year of paperwork and going through a board, Clinton got orders last week to make him an official Warrant Officer Candidate! What's that mean? :) He'll be going to Warrant Officer school this fall and then he'll become a Warrant Officer. OK, what's a Warrant Officer? Warrant Officers are specialized in their fields instead of playing a big role in leadership. That's about the easiest way that I can explain it.

Here's wikipedia's definition:
"A Warrant Officer (WO) is a member of a military organization holding one of a specific group of ranks. In most countries they are effectively senior non-commissioned officers, although technically in a class of their own between NCOs and commissioned officers. In the military of the United States, however, officers at the Chief Warrant Officer level are in fact commissioned officers and are afforded the same privileges and courtesies, such as terms of address and salutes, as other commissioned officers."

(Chief Warrant Officer is the second level of promotion.)

Now he'll meet with the Officers during Drills. That will be very different for him. He isn't looking forward to the school though. He's been hearing stories and reading about the school and it's not going to be fun. It will be very different to go back into the basic training mindset after having served for 14 years in the Army.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Photos galore !! (hopefully)

We'll see how slow the connection is right now.

I should have taken some before pictures but didn't. Every room isn't terrible but I want everything to have a "home".

Here's a picture that Clinton took a while ago. He didn't have the flash one. Kind of gives you a look into everyday life around here.

So, I picked up my "scrapbook area" (have I mentioned that I haven't scrapbooked in forever?). Wouldn't you know it, not even a hour later Christian had set up his recycling town. This boy is going to be a pack rat. He'll swipe empty food boxes and hide them under his bed to make them into a building for his town. He will ask too for them but we don't always say yes. You can only have so many empty boxes around. He's going to be like his Neema. I remember growing up how she would keep every empty box she came across (nice boxes though).

All clean! - Not so clean!

I went through all of our files and have a huge tub of papers that I need to shred. I also filed away all of my piles of papers. Papers and toys are the worst things to "control". And then Mr. Pack-rat found my garbage bag of papers to throw and sneakily took out his pictures. This kid draws like crazy. There's no way that I could keep all of his drawings. See, that big wad of paper? He drew that city after I had cleaned up all of the papers. And how in the world do we keep this? This is about the tenth 8 foot long city that he's drawn. I do throw them away after he's forgotten about them. Until then, he usually stuffs it in his closet or under his bed. I told him that I'd buy him a fold and he could choose which ones to keep and put them in there. OK, Clinton's home. Blogger's starting to act up. I'll post more later!


Tray for papers that need to be filed

Look! You can see the counter!


Target has the COOLEST kids bins right now! I wish that I could have bought them all! So pottery barn-ish! I got 2 for Avery and 2 for Christian. We are totally scaling down on what toys we'll have out at a time. I'll put away the others to rotate in and out. I also bought a bunch of canvas bins at Walmart at a good price to organize the linen/pantry closet and some for Christian's closet and our closet. And some photo boxes for all of the loose memorabilia stuff we have that I'll never get around to scrapbooking.

I have to eat lunch and go get the kiddos! I've only had a latte today and it's almost 2! Not good!

Monday, March 20, 2006

My declutter progress!

My internet is sooo slow right now and I took a bunch of photos so I'll try again because this thing is crawling like a turtle! Today did end up being a snow day. The roads are getting better, DH said. OK, selfish rant over.

Get this - DH barely made it to work this morning because the roads weren't cleared yet. Then everyone was there when they put out the announcement that their installation had a 3 hour late start. Nice! Everyone was not happy about that! Maybe they'll change their system now. At least an email would be sufficient!

We all went out in the snow when DH did get home to shovel and play in the snow. We had about 2 feet on our deck. The kids had a lot of fun and it wasn't too cold so it was perfect weather. It's times like those that really bring back the memories of playing outside when I was growing up. It feels good to be making those memories with my own kids.

OK, DD is teasing me so I'm thinking she needs attention. More later!

Christian lost his first tooth!!

I'm actually a week late but he lost his first tooth last Sunday night. It had been loose for weeks and he couldn't wait for it to come out. When it did, he kept saying, "I can't believe that my tooth fell out." Of course, the tooth fairy came. :)

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Spring Break!!

Tomorrow it starts!! Well, it started Friday but tomorrow is supposed to be my first "me vacation" day. But we've had a winter storm for the past 12 hours! So, who knows if the kids will have school or not. If not, I'll just continue cleaning and organizing.

Things I want to accomplish during these 9 days:
- Read a book
- Clean mbath closet (DONE)
- Organize/clean out paper clutter piles (ugh, this is the worst thing to get a handle on, I think) - DONE
- Bake something (DONE but I didn't have any choc. chips so they were kind of a dud)
- Organize and sort through toys DONE
- Clean up my collect all desk downstairs DONE
- Return some things to stores/shop??? DONE
- Prepare one new recipe for dinner

I think that that's it for now!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Shopping spree!

Today was advisee day which meant NO CLASSES TODAY!! Yay! I need a break. So I took Avery to daycare and Christian to school and off I went to the stores and the mall! See, this is what I can't do my week of spring break! :)

Clinton is not going to be as pleased as I am about my bargains. I already feel bad about all of the money that I spent. We're supposed to be paying off the next to last credit card this month and we'll still have enough but it wasn't exactly in the budget to buy clothes for next year or spring already. And I've been dying to decorate a little bit and I found throw pillows at Sears on clearance that match my curtains exactly! $9-a piece! And a really nice big wicker basket to hold something. I was on the lookout for organizing stuff today because I intend to do that during spring break but, man, you could spend hundreds of dollars just buying the neat looking boxes! And it seemed like each store had hardly anything on their shelves today. They must be getting ready to swich to new inventory. I'm such a cheapskate, I want the pottery barn look at the cost of nothing. :)

I found a tray to put my pile of papers that usually ends up on the kitchen table. I mesh holder for all of the odds and ends. And that's about it for organizing.

I also found a table cloth that matches my curtains perfectly too. I have a brown tablecloth in the linen closet that I've been waiting to use for special occasions but now I'm thinking that I'll use that for everyday use and keep this nicer one for company. Once again, not a NEED. What does everyone else do that has kids? Unfortunately, we have a nice wood table that we don't want to leave uncovered and it's next to impossible to find nice looking vinyl tablecloths for everyday messes. I have a snowman one one right now and it's got to go! Next house, we'll have a "nice" table and an "everyday" table, I think.

I found some brown capris, a crocheted sweater that matches and some button up shirts for spring. It's rare that I try things on and love them but I really liked these so I HAD to get them and they can be dressier for when I'm doing the internship that I'm SUPPOSED to do this summer. If only I could motivate myself to find summer daycare - not fun!

I found some shoes at Sears of all places. I have a very hard time finding summer shoes because anything that shows the toes is out. Boy, what does that leave? Years of wearing combat boots were not kind to my feet and I have issues - don't ask:) But I found some that have a perfect size wedge and has the colors that I always wear in them. It's escaping me what they're called - espadrilles!

What Clinton won't realize what I saw that I'd like to have but didn't get! :) I'll post pictures later. It's all Katherine's fault. :) She makes anyone want to shop!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Spring Break countdown

I'm starting to think about Spring break which is coming up Mar. 20 - 24. I actually have the 17th - 26th if you count the 17th and the weekends. But we'll be going to see my parents on the 17th for that weekend. We didn't get there last month.

Sooo, I'm thinking that I should make a list of things that I want to do during the week. I'll still be taking Avery to preschool and daycare during the day. I'm going to take advantage of this while I can. It will be a much needed break for me. So I'm thinking that I should do some things that I always want to do but "don't have enough time". Such as:baking, reading a book, I could spend all week seriously organizing the house (fun and not so fun), touch up painting.... Any other suggestions besides spending a bunch of money every day shopping! :)