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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Potty training - such fun!

OK, I will admit that I am starting to stress/worry if Avery will ever be potty trained. How can she go from having hardly any accidents a month ago to having accident after accident now? Ugh. I didn't stress about this with Christian and he was finally 3 1/2 when he decided pretty much overnight that it was time. But I thought that girls learn much faster. So I have her enrolled in preschool and the afterschool care. Therefore, I enrolled myself in school too. I do not have a plan B. She's just going to have to do it! Today has been good and I've upped the reward system.

She only had 2 accidents our whole time on vacation and that's when we were really busy so you'd think she'd have a ton of accidents but, no, she does it when we're home all day long!

And, Christian, he's become the boy this summer that waits until the last second possible before he runs to the bathroom as though waiting might make it go away!


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