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Monday, July 11, 2005

Things that I'd like to accomplish in life

I've been wanting to write a list down for a while. These are in no particular order. :) More to come as I think of more.

Get married - 12/27/97
Become a mommy - twice now!
Own a home - on our 2nd house now
DIY - lay tile - 5/05 & 7/05
See the ocean - Hilton Head, SC 3/2001
Published scrapper - March 2003 CK
Travel (Orlando, CO, Nashville, Savannah, Hilton Head, Augusta GA, Chicago, Canada, Mpls., ...)

Working on....
Finish a degree - in the process, May 2007 grad. date
Have a strong, healthy marriage
Raise my children being the best mom I can be
Settle down in a city that truly feels like "home"
Build our dream home
Furnish a house with an unlimited budget
Have a weekly housekeeper
Work in a job that brings me joy & satisfaction
Travel to many places (Vegas, Orlando, Europe, East coast, tropical island...)
Be able to take the kids on several vacations (WDW, big waterpark (TX?)...)
Retire and travel cross country for a while


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