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Sunday, July 10, 2005

What a difference a new sink makes!

Yes, we caved in and got a new sink, disposal, faucet and pipes for the kitchen. We came back from Chicago last month and it just reeked after not being used for 10 days. Nothing that we tried worked so what started as just replacing the disposal and pipes job became a whole replacement job. The old faucet was the builders standard and looked gross as was the 6" deep sink. Now we have an 8" deep sink and, WOW, it's quite a difference! I almost feel as though we have a new kitchen. Well, I can dream. Now if only the appliances matched and our cabinets weren't the standard builder's oak things.

It's a good thing that Clinton replaced the pipes because there was some nasty looking green-black stuff in there. It's a miracle that we weren't sick just from the fumes of it.

No more new stuff!! Still working the Dave Ramsey plan!


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