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Monday, July 11, 2005

Yes, I am a procrastinator!

I wasn't a procrastinator until after I got out of the Army and became a SAHM. It was different going from being totally on someone else's schedule to having my own. I know that it drives C crazy sometimes, OK, probably more so than he lets on. But we live in a clean, nice house. We're all cared for and the bills get paid on time. I know that come fall, I will not have the option to be so laid back about stuff. But I keep telling C that it will be good for me/us. :)

So, we're supposed to be having a garage sale this coming weekend. That's what we've been saying. Every other weekend has been full so far. C thinks that it's so simple to throw one together. I still have to price stuff and we have to make signs and put an ad in the paper....he's getting tables from work tomorrow so I guess that we'll be working on it every evening the next 3 nights.


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