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Friday, August 05, 2005

Buyers remorse..

I'm feeling a little buyers remorse from yesterday. I know that it's not that much money but it's more than I've spent in a long time on "nothing really". Definitely not necessities. Clinton is so calm and nice about it. Me, I tend to be a little too "nerd-ish" with him and have to give him a hard time about buying a new router to replace the broken one. And I go and spend the same exact amount on some makeup. Ugh. We'll see if it even magically hides the redness in my face. It better that that amount! It came highly recommended from my aunt who has the same complexion as me.

I knew that August was going to be an expensive month: both kids' birthdays, going back to school for 3 of us, my reunion, family I should be too upset if the budget is tweaked a little bit.

BUT, I'm happy because I just discovered that I have enough punches to go get a free latte!! Yay! I spent about $40 but get a free $3 drink. Ha, ha. Well, that is where all of my fun money goes. So, we're going to go on a car ride to go get mommy's free drink in a little bit here.


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