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Saturday, October 29, 2005


So, I thought that I'd actually blog. I've had things to post but by the time I sit down, it seems "old news" and irrelevant.

I carved the pumpkins today!! Christian's been asking for weeks when it would be time to. We actually had to buy a replacement for him because the original one was soft and rotting. Yuck! So, I call Clinton asking him to pick one up and he picks the hugest pumpkin! He said that it was $7.00. He had thought the sign said 29 cents for the whole thing. :) Ugh, that's per pound, dear. He said that he stood in line too long to get another one and the pickings were slim anyway. He obviously wasn't the one that was going to be cleaning it out! He didn't grow up carving pumpkins. :(

So, we did the Cinderella patterns and they turned out great but was exhausting!!


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