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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Pictures and more

First of all, I forgot to mention that I got all A's this semester AND I aced my one final exam!!! I hope that I can say the same next semester but I'll have 6 classes and a couple of them are mechanical/engineering drafting stuff. Ugh. And the instructor is some old guy that goes out to his jeep every break to smoke his pipe. I've heard that he lives and breathes mechanical drafting.

Here's some photos! And I believe that I am the only idiot who didn't know that they should auto correct/edit each picture for brightness before developing. I wish that I would have done that to our Chicago pictures. I just realized a lot of edit features this month.

Avery got this princess tree with her ch'mas money from Great Nana. Avery wants everything princess for Ch'mas!! Christian got a toy shop for a snow village. He thinks that he is going to have a whole snow village! I have no idea where he thinks that he's going to put it! It was the display model so we got even more discount after the 50% sale. Christian is not your typical boy when it comes to toys. He has no interest in action figures, etc. He loves everything that has to do with building, houses, and drawing. That's fine with me - he's definitely my boy! I've always loved architecture and designing.

Here's the house that we put together and the tree that Avery made in preschool. I bought the house pre-assembled from Safeway. Much easier that fighting with the graham crackers that we used to make a train last year!

This picture definitely shows the kids personalities. This is the typical picture so you see why I was thrilled with the ch'mas card photos. Avery's always bouncing off the wall or staring off into space and Christian loves to advert his eyes away from the camera the last second and looking like "What's wrong with her?". He used to be just a ham for the camera.


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