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Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Future and other ramblings

DH and I often talk about what we forsee in the future. We've been talking more about it lately because we would love to have a different house but don't know if we'll be staying in this city or even state. We're waiting until I'm done in school in May 2007. I know, a little ways a way but I love to dream. :) Problem is that there aren't many positions here that open up in my field (CAD) and the ones that do are highly coveted. I like to think that I'd be in the running for it (when looking at my classmates), but who knows. So, then if I do get a job here, we'd probably buy a house on the other side of town. BUT DH doesn't really know if he wants to stay in his job forever (as his coworkers do). It's a gov't job so it's a comfortable position to be in. The money's pretty good but it requires that he stay in the Guard, which he doesn't really want to do 20 or more years in the Guard.

So, DH would like to move back to my hometown where my family lives. I don't know. I like the city. It's somewhere that I'd feel comfortable raising the kids and calling home. But how do you separate your life as your own when you live so close to your parents?

Me? I'd be open to moving all the way across the country. Have you ever felt like you REALLY are meant to go somewhere, do something even if you've never been there? I've been thinking about the Raleigh, NC area for over a year. I've never been there though. I've heard/seen great things about it. I've gone to Find Your Spot a couple of times (a year apart) and each time it put Raleigh as #1. I guess that I'll have to learn more about it.

A good compromise would be to move back to Colorado Springs. We loved living there when we were stationed there and had planned on staying there but DH didn't find a job and I got this knack to move closer to my family. (See? It's all my fault. :) ) Hey, I was a new mother and felt that my child should be near his grandparents. And I hadn't lived near them for going on 5 years at that point. So, DH says that he would move to CO. I just worry about moving back to somewhere where you had a life before because everyone else has moved on and it's not going to be the same.

I know that it will all work out. Now that the children are school-age, I don't want to be moving a lot. That was the main reason we got out of Active Duty. Maybe I deep down do enjoy moving to new places often. DH asked me what I want. I want to live somewhere where it feels like I'm home and belong, where we've found some friends, a church that we feel fits, our children love and when it comes down to it, if I died I'd have no regrets of not having been somewhere else. I can't say that about this city or even this state. I've lived in this state majority of my life. And it's not an exciting state. :) Yes, I've lived in other states and I enjoyed it but CO is the closest I've come to meeting the above things.


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