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Saturday, January 28, 2006

More Painting...

We've been talking about painting the kitchen cabinets since we moved in. Nothing personal, but I really can't stand the standard oak cabinets!!! So, we're painting them cream with a mocha glaze on top. I'm just hoping that it comes out as I'm envisioning it. I told Clinton that once we did paint them, we'd have to change the countertops because our current counters are off white and it would be too much light. So, we picked out a nice looking formica. It's a little more than we thought we'd be spending. They rip you off because they make you buy them in at least 8' sections and we only need an additional 2 1/2 linear ft. for the other part of the L. They know how to getcha'! So, of course, since we decided to splurge a little, we have a murphy visit. Our dryer broke this morning. We had replaced the washer that matched our dryer last year so it was overdue, I guess. At least we don't have to touch our EF yet and we have the $ so it's not as painful.

I'm still agonizing about the haircut. I have an appt. on Wed. I keep looking back at past photots and I can't figure out what was my "favorite" haircut. Ugh. I like it long but I had that for pretty much the first 18 years of my life and then again at 21-23.

Well, my battery is about to die. And on top of painting, I have a short report and studying for a test that I need to be doing this weekend too.


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