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Friday, March 03, 2006

4- A's and 2- B's!!!!

It looks like the one point that he gave me back on the test put me up to a B!! If you can successfully argue your point, he'll sometimes allow your answer. Yay!! There were about 5 of us waiting to "argue" our points and one of the students said to one of our other instructors that had walked in, "Look, (name) at all of those people waiting in line for just one point!" And he said, "You never know, it might make a difference." And, LOOK, it did for me! HA!

I surrounded by a bunch of classmates that I honestly wonder what in the world they're doing there. Some of them have the mindset that because they're paying them to go to school that they can pick and choose when to come and it isn't the instructors place to try to set them straight. I have one instructor that gets on his soapbox often and they still don't get it. This is preparing us for the "real world" and if you don't show up at your job, you'll be fired. They also don't get that these instructors are most likely going to be contacted to get their opinions on you when you're out there interviewing. Ah, well.


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