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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Almost time to go back to reality

Only one more day of my "break". I think that I've had the most productive week ever! Which has felt very good but I was losing steam by Thurs. noon. I didn't get everything done that I had wanted but I did get a lot more spring cleaning done than I really thought I would. I went through every room but the family room throwing stuff away and finding outgrown clothes. I didn't get a book read but I did watch 3 movies. I'm not a big movie person so that's quite an accomplishment. I didn't try any new recipes and my cookies were a flop. :) I found some bargains - the bathroom accessories $11 for both (orig. $40), all new washcloths, shower curtain, picture that needs to be hanged, basket for backpacks... I found the framed photo again. That's Christian 5 years ago when we went to Hilton Head while visiting Clinton during his Army training in Georgia. I need to add more to the shelf just don't know what what.

I'm very happy with the linen closet. We had a pantry cabinet in there before and you could hardly walk in there to find anything. That big box is full of toys that are "hidden" for now. Of course, the kids discovered the train set and it's laid out in the playroom again. And now I can see my dresser in my closet! I know the furniture is hideous! That's our poor newlyweds furniture that will be the first thing replaced in our next home! :)

Here's some more pictures:


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