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Monday, March 20, 2006

My declutter progress!

My internet is sooo slow right now and I took a bunch of photos so I'll try again because this thing is crawling like a turtle! Today did end up being a snow day. The roads are getting better, DH said. OK, selfish rant over.

Get this - DH barely made it to work this morning because the roads weren't cleared yet. Then everyone was there when they put out the announcement that their installation had a 3 hour late start. Nice! Everyone was not happy about that! Maybe they'll change their system now. At least an email would be sufficient!

We all went out in the snow when DH did get home to shovel and play in the snow. We had about 2 feet on our deck. The kids had a lot of fun and it wasn't too cold so it was perfect weather. It's times like those that really bring back the memories of playing outside when I was growing up. It feels good to be making those memories with my own kids.

OK, DD is teasing me so I'm thinking she needs attention. More later!


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