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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Officially a Warrant Officer Candidate!!

After a frustrating year of paperwork and going through a board, Clinton got orders last week to make him an official Warrant Officer Candidate! What's that mean? :) He'll be going to Warrant Officer school this fall and then he'll become a Warrant Officer. OK, what's a Warrant Officer? Warrant Officers are specialized in their fields instead of playing a big role in leadership. That's about the easiest way that I can explain it.

Here's wikipedia's definition:
"A Warrant Officer (WO) is a member of a military organization holding one of a specific group of ranks. In most countries they are effectively senior non-commissioned officers, although technically in a class of their own between NCOs and commissioned officers. In the military of the United States, however, officers at the Chief Warrant Officer level are in fact commissioned officers and are afforded the same privileges and courtesies, such as terms of address and salutes, as other commissioned officers."

(Chief Warrant Officer is the second level of promotion.)

Now he'll meet with the Officers during Drills. That will be very different for him. He isn't looking forward to the school though. He's been hearing stories and reading about the school and it's not going to be fun. It will be very different to go back into the basic training mindset after having served for 14 years in the Army.


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