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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Photos galore !! (hopefully)

We'll see how slow the connection is right now.

I should have taken some before pictures but didn't. Every room isn't terrible but I want everything to have a "home".

Here's a picture that Clinton took a while ago. He didn't have the flash one. Kind of gives you a look into everyday life around here.

So, I picked up my "scrapbook area" (have I mentioned that I haven't scrapbooked in forever?). Wouldn't you know it, not even a hour later Christian had set up his recycling town. This boy is going to be a pack rat. He'll swipe empty food boxes and hide them under his bed to make them into a building for his town. He will ask too for them but we don't always say yes. You can only have so many empty boxes around. He's going to be like his Neema. I remember growing up how she would keep every empty box she came across (nice boxes though).

All clean! - Not so clean!

I went through all of our files and have a huge tub of papers that I need to shred. I also filed away all of my piles of papers. Papers and toys are the worst things to "control". And then Mr. Pack-rat found my garbage bag of papers to throw and sneakily took out his pictures. This kid draws like crazy. There's no way that I could keep all of his drawings. See, that big wad of paper? He drew that city after I had cleaned up all of the papers. And how in the world do we keep this? This is about the tenth 8 foot long city that he's drawn. I do throw them away after he's forgotten about them. Until then, he usually stuffs it in his closet or under his bed. I told him that I'd buy him a fold and he could choose which ones to keep and put them in there. OK, Clinton's home. Blogger's starting to act up. I'll post more later!


Tray for papers that need to be filed

Look! You can see the counter!


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