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Friday, March 10, 2006

Shopping spree!

Today was advisee day which meant NO CLASSES TODAY!! Yay! I need a break. So I took Avery to daycare and Christian to school and off I went to the stores and the mall! See, this is what I can't do my week of spring break! :)

Clinton is not going to be as pleased as I am about my bargains. I already feel bad about all of the money that I spent. We're supposed to be paying off the next to last credit card this month and we'll still have enough but it wasn't exactly in the budget to buy clothes for next year or spring already. And I've been dying to decorate a little bit and I found throw pillows at Sears on clearance that match my curtains exactly! $9-a piece! And a really nice big wicker basket to hold something. I was on the lookout for organizing stuff today because I intend to do that during spring break but, man, you could spend hundreds of dollars just buying the neat looking boxes! And it seemed like each store had hardly anything on their shelves today. They must be getting ready to swich to new inventory. I'm such a cheapskate, I want the pottery barn look at the cost of nothing. :)

I found a tray to put my pile of papers that usually ends up on the kitchen table. I mesh holder for all of the odds and ends. And that's about it for organizing.

I also found a table cloth that matches my curtains perfectly too. I have a brown tablecloth in the linen closet that I've been waiting to use for special occasions but now I'm thinking that I'll use that for everyday use and keep this nicer one for company. Once again, not a NEED. What does everyone else do that has kids? Unfortunately, we have a nice wood table that we don't want to leave uncovered and it's next to impossible to find nice looking vinyl tablecloths for everyday messes. I have a snowman one one right now and it's got to go! Next house, we'll have a "nice" table and an "everyday" table, I think.

I found some brown capris, a crocheted sweater that matches and some button up shirts for spring. It's rare that I try things on and love them but I really liked these so I HAD to get them and they can be dressier for when I'm doing the internship that I'm SUPPOSED to do this summer. If only I could motivate myself to find summer daycare - not fun!

I found some shoes at Sears of all places. I have a very hard time finding summer shoes because anything that shows the toes is out. Boy, what does that leave? Years of wearing combat boots were not kind to my feet and I have issues - don't ask:) But I found some that have a perfect size wedge and has the colors that I always wear in them. It's escaping me what they're called - espadrilles!

What Clinton won't realize what I saw that I'd like to have but didn't get! :) I'll post pictures later. It's all Katherine's fault. :) She makes anyone want to shop!


  • woohoo!! blame it on katherine!

    i'm glad you had fun. your purchases sound wonderful!

    By Blogger KKT, at March 11, 2006 7:15 PM  

  • All right! I love it. It all sounds wonderful. And things are so much better when you get a good deal, aren't they?? I'm glad you had fun...and I'm glad you blamed it on me :)

    By Blogger suburban mom, at March 12, 2006 10:35 AM  

  • Oh, and I totally agree about target having awesome PB knockoff stuff - they have this gorgeous black table I've been eyeing....

    By Blogger suburban mom, at March 12, 2006 10:35 AM  

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