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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Spring Break!!

Tomorrow it starts!! Well, it started Friday but tomorrow is supposed to be my first "me vacation" day. But we've had a winter storm for the past 12 hours! So, who knows if the kids will have school or not. If not, I'll just continue cleaning and organizing.

Things I want to accomplish during these 9 days:
- Read a book
- Clean mbath closet (DONE)
- Organize/clean out paper clutter piles (ugh, this is the worst thing to get a handle on, I think) - DONE
- Bake something (DONE but I didn't have any choc. chips so they were kind of a dud)
- Organize and sort through toys DONE
- Clean up my collect all desk downstairs DONE
- Return some things to stores/shop??? DONE
- Prepare one new recipe for dinner

I think that that's it for now!


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